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30 years of experience

in a nutshell ...

A little bit of history

1991 - Transped-SOC is established in Hradec Králové as a Joint venture between Transped CZ and Austrian Schier, Otten & Co, Vienna

2010 - Express-Interfracht GmbH, Vienna (logistics subsidiary of Austrian state railways OBB Austria) acquires Transped SOC

2013 - The whole group changes its brand name to European Contract Logistics

2020 - Mutares AG, Munich buys logistics group from Austrian railways OBB and renames it Bexity based in Vienna

2020 - Local management buys the Czech subsidiary of Bexity from Mutares AG

Where we are, where we are heading to

In the beginning, the vision was to get into the uncomfortable coupe of the capitalist wagon as quickly as possible. Improvisation was the only workflow back then. Analog exchanges, impassable borders, no mobile phones, all this has taught us to constantly look for solutions even in completely unsolvable situations.

Although information is now available immediately, activity and processes are supported by a cutting-edge information system, the search for solutions is deeply encoded in the company's DNA. We will be pleased if you want to learn more about our approach.

Our philosophy

We are a part of the world's largest network

With more than 9,000 full members in 194 countries, WCA is the largest and most influential forwarding and logistical alliance of independent entities. Only a company that does not have global ambitions can become a member, on the contrary, the purpose is to connect thousands of local companies and let them offer quality services to millions of their clients every day. We are proud to be in this great international family.


EC-Logistics has held several quality of service certificates for many years, such as ISO 9001:2015 or IATA certificate for air transport.

We support...

We are of the opinion that it is necessary to support those with more limited resources or engaging in areas with limited resources in general. That is why we cooperate with the volleyball club Benátky nad Jizerou, in which volleyball has been played with the heart for many decades. The result is not only the participation of men's 1st National League, but above all an unprecedented base in the children's and youth categories.

A bit from the life of the company ...

Very modest to inconspicuous, without whom (and his team) we would not be able to work in Rudná. This is our colleague Mr. Vlastimil Zahradníček, a long-time head of our warehouses, who is celebrating his life anniversary these days. The ECL team wants to not only thank you in this way, but above all wish you good health and a lot of enthusiasm for further cooperation.

Our team

Ing. Georgis Papazachariu

Branch Manager - Ostrava

Ing. Jaroslav Bejbl

Branch Manager - Jičín

Ing. Ladislav Trávnička

Logistics Manager