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Our philosophy

where we are, where we are heading to

30 years in your direction

Our product is a complex of high-quality forwarding and logistics services. However, touching this type of product in advance is impossible. Therefore, it is often difficult for clients to choose the right provider. Trust plays a key role. It cannot be bought, it can only be patiently built. Since 1991, we have been successfully working on this day after day.

friendly solutions ...

A large group of logistics providers offers quality but typical solutions, suitable especially in terms of costs to many customers. But there is also a smaller group of providers offering solutions that are friendly, high-quality, but bent to the needs of those who cannot compromise. Since 1991, we have been internally set up so that flexibility is our key competence and thus we are an ideal partner for our clients.

the network is made up of people ...

Without friends, it's impossible to do anything. During our existence, we have put forward a network of reliable friends. Foreign forwarding companies, members of the world's largest logistics alliance of independent companies, large transport companies, as well as specific drivers driving their vehicles across Europe, are all the sources of our current and future solutions. However, we most value long-term friendships with clients with whom we fully understand each other in business and mutual needs.

on the same board ...

If one really strong aspect of EC-Logistics can be highlighted, it is the corporate culture. A team of people from warehouse workers, through dispatchers to accountants, all of them can drive together in a direction that will be appreciated primarily by clients. Straightforward, no excuses and circumambulations. That is why the dragon ship is a symbol of the company culture, which has not slowed down since 1991, never capsized and its bottom is formed by a high-quality information system capable of communicating with any client's platform.

We are a part of the world's largest network

With more than 9,000 full members in 194 countries, WCA is the largest and most influential forwarding and logistical alliance of independent entities. Only a company that does not have global ambitions can become a member, on the contrary, the purpose is to connect thousands of local companies and let them offer quality services to millions of their clients every day. We are proud to be in this great international family.