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What is WMS

The central brain of any modern warehouse is WMS. The three letters are shortcut for Warehouse Management System. It is a sophisticated IT system for full automation and control of all warehouse operations. According to the set logistics strategy, it allows you to dynamically manage all the work in the warehouse and achieve higher performance, clarity and accuracy of the entire logistics - from increasing the performance of employees to reducing logistics complaints. This warehouse management system can usually be deployed as an add-on to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) - a corporate information system.

In addition to reliable inventory records and their movements, WMS solves a number of other tasks, such as digitizing and optimizing warehouse work, prioritizing activities in the task queue, setting up and adhering to pick principles (FIFO, FEFO), KPIs, reports, ... The introduction of powerful WMS is therefore neither simple nor cheap. This is one of the reasons why many companies are worth outsourced storage.

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